Dodgshun Medlin will open the doors to a new permanent office in Loxton this Friday, April 12th, 2013. As government withdraw their R&D extension services, Dodgshun Medlin agricultural specialists will now permanently reside in the SA town to support the large farming community.

State Member of Parliament Adrian Pederick will officially open the new Dodgshun Medlin office in Loxton, SA this Friday, April 12th, 2013.

The opening will run from 10am to 1pm with the official ceremony to be held at noon. Two State Members of Parliament, prominent in the farming region surrounding Loxton will be present to join in celebrations, Adrian Pederick Member for Hammond and Tim Whetstone, Member for Chaffey.

While the Dodgshun Medlin agricultural team have been providing South Australian Mallee farmers with independent agronomy services for the past 5 years, the need has grown to provide a permanent office and team in Loxton.

“With governments significantly reducing R&D and extension services we saw a need for a permanent base of professional staff to service the needs of our South Australian farmers,” states Danny Conlan, head of the Agricultural Management team at Dodgshun Medlin.

“There was a huge gap in the type of agronomic advice that was previously available to farmers in the SA Mallee.We saw a need to provide them with independent advice, free from product affiliation. Advice that will help farmers to make confident decisions,” Mr Conlan said.

Managing partner Ian Dodgshun believes that good advice starts with a long-term approach to family succession.

“We set about providing a holistic approach to planning for farming families across generations, ensuring that the farming legacy that underpins community continues. With a long term plan and good guidance, farmers gain the confidence and motivation to make the right decisions that are tailored to each particular situation, integrating all areas of production and farm business with financial management and wealth creation,” Mr Dodgshun said.

Board Chairman Rod Douglas believes that Dodgshun Medlin provides a unique approach to supporting local communities.

“The organisation has a firm focus on nurturing a dynamic outlook for farmers and growing thriving communities. Dodgshun Medlin’s mission is to deliver innovative guidance and support to their clients in both their financial outcomes and also improving their agricultural enterprises with a strong commitment to a culture of care,” stated Mr Douglas.

The Agricultural Management team at Dodgshun Medlin operate a totally independent service with a strong agronomic background. The team is staffed by agronomy specialists who are also home grown Mallee farmers themselves.

Danny Conlan is justifiably proud of the team.

“Our team is made up of Mallee farmers, which allows us a unique understanding of Mallee farming practices. We know what works, and what doesn’t, because we use our practices on our own farms.

“At Dodgshun Medlin we place a high value on creating and sustaining strong agricultural communities. We provide empathy and understanding, not just agronomy.

“We know that agronomy alone won’t lead to success, which is why we offer a whole of enterprise plan,” said Mr Conlan.

The official opening of the Loxton office will provide a chance for those interested to meet the whole Dodgshun Medlin Agricultural team, the directors and management and also some of their professional financial services team.

“We are celebrating with lunch and the chance for anyone interested to view some of the equipment we use for our seed trials, including our R&D tractor and seeder,” said Mr Conlan.

The Dodgshun Medlin Ag team have had a busy year so far.Coordinating the official opening of their Loxton office, celebrating 10 years of no-till farming with a seeder demonstration day at Speed attended by 300 farmers on Wednesday, and the Dodgshun Medlin R&D team’s continuation of the National Variety Testing seed trials are just some of their many projects.

About Dodgshun Medlin

Dodgshun Medlin is a generations-deep provider of holistic business management, wealth creation, agronomy services and accountancy guidance to the Victorian & South Australian Mallee & Wimmera Regions.