"Dodgshun Medlin's services are much needed in the area," says Mayor Leon Staninowsky as the business open their doors to a new office in Loxton, SA.

Dodgshun Medlin’s new office was officially opened on Friday, April 12th, 2013 in Loxton, South Australia by State Member of Parliament Adrian Pederick.

Interested farmers and current clients converged in the main street of Loxton to celebrate alongside the Dodgshun Medlin Agricultural Team, Directors and Management.

The opening of the new Loxton office will allow South Australian Mallee farmers ongoing support and guidance from a team of professional independent agronomists based in their area.

State member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick was pleased to be at the launch of the new Dodgshun Medlin office.

“As far as getting rural advice to farmers, governments have taken money away, we’ve lost a lot of that service and people with the multi-million dollar investments they have in agriculture these days need valuable advice, said MP Mr Pederick.

“The thing I enjoy the most about Dodgshun Medlin is its not just agronomic advice it’s business advice, it’s financial planning, its accountancy, it’s about wealth creation and it’s about future proofing, it’s about looking 30 years in advance,” Mr Pederick commented.

Managing Partner Ian Dodgshun is dedicated to providing good advice and guidance to farmers to ensure the farming legacy that underpins community continues and thrives.
“We combine all areas of farm business and production with financial management and wealth creation to provide farmers with the confidence and motivation to make the right choice in every situation for the long term. We are especially excited to offer our South Australian clients this service from our new permanent office in Loxton,” Mr Dodgshun said.

Mayor of the District Council of Loxton Waikerie, Leon Stasinowsky commented on the new Dodgshun Medlin office in Loxton.

“This is something that is much needed for the area because government services have declined over the years to virtually non existent and today with modern practices and the complexity of farming, people are now turning to getting a specialist in to help them make decisions and what’s best practice to go with. I can see that with Dodgshun Medlin coming in it’s certainly going to fill a big gap,” said Mayor Stasinowsky.

Farming today is a big business said Mayor Stasinowsky, a farmer himself. “If you don’t do it right first up, you can just go backwards very fast,” he said.

Matthew Hall, a farmer who has been with Dodgshun Medlin for a couple of seasons has already seen first hand the difference the advice makes to farmers.
“The biggest difference is actually not being frightened to have a go at trying different things and just changing…the old attitude of farmers, the way it used to be, and getting up to date with all new areas,” Mr Hall said.

Local farmer Ian McNeil attended the opening. “It’s a great day to highlight Dodgshun Medlin moving into South Australia and the impact that they’re having on our farms around here, it’s been very noticeable in the last 3 years, so to actually have a base here, it’s terrific,” he said.

Tim Whetstone, State Member of Parliament for Chaffey also present at the opening of the Dodgshun Medlin office in Loxton comment on the day.

“I have been watching Dodgshun Medlin’s progress coming into this area for a while now and obviously the Riverland and the Mallee is my electorate area, so all the people that are here today are constituents that I have engaged with over a period of time. It has been very evident to me that smart farmers use smart advice and smart farmers except smart advice. Coming from a farming background I have watched over years that good advice is vital in today’s world of agriculture.

“I respect what Dodgshun Medlin have achieved over the time that I’ve known the company to have had a presence here in the Mallee in South Australia. I think now opening up an office here in Loxton will be an asset to not only the region but it will give a much better presence for the farmers.,” Mr Whetstone said.

The Dodgshun Medlin office in Loxton will enable farmers to receive specialist advice from a team of independent agronomists that are also Mallee farmers themselves.
“Our team at Dodgshun Medlin value the creation of strong agricultural communities that can be sustained for the future farming of generations,” commented Mr Conlan.

“We are very excited that we could build on our services here in South Australia and will endeavour to build resources for farmers in this area,” he said.

About Dodgshun Medlin

Dodgshun Medlin is a generations-deep provider of holistic business management, wealth creation, agronomy services and accountancy guidance to the Victorian & South Australian Mallee & Wimmera Regions.